Richard & Anne

农场可接待人数: 12
农场其它设施: 空调, 洗手间数量2+
农场动物: 绵羊, 羊驼



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Family Members: Richard (Male), Anne (Female).
Location: Sutton Forest, New South Wales 2577. 1 hour and 40 minutes from Sydney.
Closest Train Station: Moss Vale Station, Southern Highlands Line.
Farm Details: Hobby farm with 1 sheep, 1 alpaca, chickens/baby chicks, ducks, guinea fowl, 1 dog (in & out) & wild kangaroos on property. Access to nearby farms with cows, sheep, rabbit, cats, dogs & racehorses.
Farm Activities: A tour of the farm, hand feed all animals, collect fresh chicken eggs to cook/eat for breakfast, wildlife and kangaroo spotting, visit neighbouring farms to do farm activities (if time permits), bush walking, star gazing,
Acres: 68.
Internet: Free WiFi available.
Bathrooms: 4 (Separate from hosts).
Cooling: Room 1 & 2 have air conditioning/heating and Room 3 & 4 have fans and heating.
Room 1: 1 queen bed + 1 double sized fold out day bed with ensuite.
Room 2: 1 queen bed + 1 double sized fold out day bed with ensuite.
Room 3: 1 set of bunk beds with a double bed on the bottom and single bed on top + 1 single bed with ensuite.
Room 4: 1 queen bed with ensuite.
Transfer maximum 6 guests.


私家车接送: 如果您需要私家车接送服务,我们可以为您提供报价。