Matthew & Lavinia

The farm has been producing fruit and vegetables for 45 years. The garden has been evolving since 2000 with certain herbs, flowers been planted to support Lavinia Botanica of manufacturing chemical free skin products. Lavinia believes in pure simplicity and crafting products that have a purpose and responsibility, yet will still be gentle and effective on the skin. Visiting the farm, you will enjoy the peace and quiet and smell all the beautiful aromatic plants. As well as meeting the local neighbouring animals.

农场可接待人数: 5
农场其它设施: 无线网络
农场动物: 绵羊, 羊驼, 马



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Family Members: Matthew (Male), Lavinia (Female).
Location: Thirlmere, New South Wales 2572. 1 hour and 20 minutes from Sydney.
Closest Train Station: Picton Station, Southern Highlands Line.
Farm Details: Fruit & Vegetable hobby farm with 1 chicken, 1 cat (in & out), 1 dog (out), beehives, swim spa, bushwalking in forest on property, access to nearby alpaca farm, including horses and sheep. Also access to nearby turkey farm including cows. Local sightseeing and kangaroo spotting. Also makes soap, beeswax candles and is an artist.
Farm Activities: A tour of the farm, hand feed all animals, collect fresh chicken eggs to cook/eat for breakfast, wildlife and kangaroo spotting, show guests arts and crafts (how to make soap, beeswax etc), local sightseeing, visit neighbouring farms to do farm activities (if time permits), bush walking and star gazing.
Acres: 5.
Internet: Free WiFi available.
Bathrooms: 1 (Separate from hosts).
Heating and cooling: All bedrooms have heating and cooling + fans.
Room 1: 2 single beds.
Room 2: 2 single beds.
Room 3: 1 queen  bed.
This host can transfer a maximum of 6 guests.


私家车接送: 如果您需要私家车接送服务,我们可以为您提供报价。