Dear Tony & Sheelagh

How are you? We have returned to our home in China. Have you forgotten us? But you are mentioned by us every day! The holiday in Australia is very pleasant, with beautiful scenery and enthusiastic people. After leaving your home, we visited the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge, and we went to the Gold Coast by helicopter, also we went to Melbourne Penguin Island to watch the little penguins homing. Every city impressed us deeply, but in our opinions, the time we stay with you at your home is the most unforgettable! Your warm home, furniture, restaurant, sheep on the farm, and every tree and bush are all deeply engraved in our hearts. When we went to Melbourne and Brisbane, we wondered what Tony and Sheelagh were doing at that moment. By the way, has the little baby been born? We always imagine whether you are busy at work on the farm or sitting by the fireplace in the living room. Are you missing us? Hahahah…

Have you remembered our agreement? That is, when my son is a little older, we will bring him to visit you, I believe he will love to go to the farm!  

Thank fate and luck bring us together, and we all have a wonderful time! Thank you again for your warm reception so that we feel at home in a foreign country. Tony, you said if we missed each other, remember to smile! I remember these words very well! Last but not least, I hope you take good care of yourselves! Happy every day!

Friday 13th July – Saturday 14th July, 2018 – Chinese guests 1 night farmstay with Mr Tony & Mrs Sheelagh in Sydney farmstays.

Mr. Michael & Mrs. Bruna,

Hello, how are you?
Thanks to you I had a wonderful time in your farm. And after that, I had a very nice two weeks in Sydney.

I made a lot of friends at school in Bondi, and visited many tourist places you recommended me. I went to the blue mountain, Taronga zoo, fish market, and many other places in Sydney, and I enjoyed all that!

Every day passed by instant.

I was surprised that Australian people smiled me whenever our eyes met. It made me very happy, and I thought you had a wonderful mind. I liked Sydney, and I hope I’ll visit there again.

By the way, I cooked a potato and leek soup yesterday. My family also like it very much! I’ll cook it again.


Friday 9th March – Sunday 11th March, 2018 – Japanese guest 2 night farmstay with Mr Michael & Mrs Bruna in Sydney farmstays.

Dear Sheelagh and Tony,

Warmest greetings from Shanghai! I am Dandan Zhu, Patrick’s mom, just call me Dandan 🙂
Just want to let you know that we had a smooth journey home, and our life has back to normal, Gary and I got back to work and little Patrick went back to kindergarten yesterday, we have kept thinking about our wonderful holiday moments back in Australia and that day we’ve stayed at your home was simply the happiest moment of our whole travel, Patrick missed both of you and he asked me to take him there again sometime, I promised him to do so.

Sheelagh and Tony, thank you so much again for having us and treating us like family, please remember that you have friends in Shanghai and you are always welcomed to be our guests and please update us about your life at Sedgedale as well, we will do the same.

I am sharing with you some photos shot at your farm and some others in our holiday, also there are some night view pictures of the city where we live, to give you an idea about our life here, there will be more photos and stories of us to come, keep in touch and take good care!!

Dandan, Gary and little Patrick

Friday 23rd February – Saturday 24th February, 2018 – Chinese guests 1 night farmstay with Mr Tony & Mrs Sheelagh in Sydney farmstays.


I’m SHOZO who I stayed at your farm in February. Yesterday, I was back to Japan. It was very very exciting and interesting trip!

After the farmstay, I went to Ayers Rock, Adelaide, Sydney. I didn’t go to Cairns, because flight ticket was very expensive. So, I went to Adelaide to see the Fringe Festival instead. And finally I saw a wild Kangaroo at Adelaide!

All of city are amazing and exciting! And, I could make many friends at the all of city, because many Australian are very kind. I love Australia!

The best of memories is Farmstay! I could do or see many things that I had never done before at your farm. Watch the Hatch, Fishing and ORIGAMI were really good memories. And, best of all, all meals is very delicious!! The meat pie, eggs Benedict and venison were the best thing I’ve ever had.

Thank you so much.

I want meet you again! Next time, I will take my girlfriend and cook Japanese food for you.

I certainly look forward to see you again!

I send you some photos. Thank you for everything!

Thursday 15th February – Saturday 17th February, 2018 – Japanese guest 2 night farmstay with Mr Philip & Mrs Christine in Melbourne (Yarra Valley) farmstays.

Dear Jess,

I’m writing to express my deep gratitude towards Penny from Macedon Emu Farm. During our time with her last week, she was hospitable towards us and ensured that we were comfortable throughout the farmstay.

Her animals were also gentle and this gave a wholesome learning experience for my son who has just began to learn more about animals. Despite the huge variety of animals at her farm, Penny’s farm animals are so well-cared for. She is truly an amazing woman.

More notably, she shared with us openly of her life stories, the challenges she overcame in setting up the farm. In her, I see not just a host for our farmstay but also a heroine in the lives of her family members and the farming community. We admire her optimism and zest for life.

Thank you to you too, for providing us with this opportunity to meet this amazing woman. On behalf of my family, I’d like to thank Downunder Farmstays and Macedon Emu Farm for this memorable time in Melbourne.

Yours sincerely,


Monday 11th December – Wednesday 13th December, 2017 – Singaporean guests 2 night farmstay with Ms Penny in Melbourne farmstays.

Hi Cale,

Chiiko blended in with the farm way of life as soon as she arrived, was intensely interested in the farm activities and willing to participate at all levels.
Meal times were always a great opportunity to talk about life here and in Japan and she participated in the preparation and clean up.
Chiiko eagerly involved herself with preparation of the various milk formulas, feeding of the animals; goats, sheep, kangaroos and wombats, attended a Koala rescue which was brought into care overnight, Vet checked the next day and assisted its release back into the wild (a rare experience, even for a local).   Not to forget our pet pig which adopted Chiiko and followed her everywhere.
Chiiko has a boundless reserve of energy and was active from morning through until dinner and lunch was always a bit of a squeeze.
To top it off, on the day of departure, Chiiko had a venomous snake encounter, for which she had been briefed beforehand and was never in any danger.
It was certainly an activity packed stay and we hope Chiiko enjoyed it as much as we enjoyed having her.
In the short time Chiiko was with us a bond was developed similar to that of long standing friends and her departure had an emotional twinge to it.


Woody & Kerstin

Farm Host Testimonial – Thursday 19th October – Tuesday 24th October, 2017 – 73 year old Japanese guest 5 night farmstay with Mr Woody & Mrs Kerstin in Sydney farmstays.

Hi Tony & Sheelagh,

We are Jim & Jasmine from China. We had been back to Shenzhen a couple of days ago. It has been a wonderful journey in Australia where we experienced different kinds of lifestyles, also we visited many beautiful sceneries such as the great opera house, wineries, the great barrier reef, the ocean road and the 12 Apostles, etc. All these are memorable, but I want to say that your farm is the most interesting place for us during this trip, feeding the sheep, chasing the Alpacas, driving around and adventuring in the jungle brought us great fun. Thank you for your hosting!

Attached you can find some photos that we took in the farm. We hope you to stay healthy and happy. Also hope someday we see you again.

Best regards,

Jim & Jasmine

Friday 29th September – Saturday 30th September, 2017 – Chinese guests 1 night farmstay with Mr Tony & Mrs Sheelagh in Sydney farmstays.

Dear Mr Tony and Mrs Sheelagh,

I will miss you all.
I had a great time with you.
I hope to see you again someday.
I don’t want to say goodbye.
If I have a change to come back here again, I would like to do so with more improved English.
If you have a change to come to Japan, please let me know.
Thank you very much!!

Miki and Yuka.

August, 2017 – Japanese students with Mr Tony & Mrs Sheelagh in Sydney farmstays.

Dear Tony and Sheelagh,

Hellow! How is everything going? It has been about a month since my mother and I left your cosy and beautiful home. I already came back to China. As soon as I arrived my school, I wrote down this letter. I want to share my travel experience with you.

It is an unforgettable journey for me to travel in Australia. The blue and pure sky, the warm and bright winter sun, the vast and magical sea, lovely and various animals, and friendly people made me feel impressive. I saw Sydney Opera House and its nightscape. At that time, I walked through the bridge which links the south and north land. It is a lengthy and hard journey for me. It took me about two hours to pass through it. After I finished it, I could feel my feet crying. I also visited some beautiful harbor, such as Rose Harbor. There are many yachts. To be honest, I dream that I will buy a big house with a small yard near the sea in Australia. Then I can drive a yacht with my friends and family , park it in a silent place and play with them there. How wonderful it is! Another exciting thing is that I took a picture with Koalas and touched Kangaroos in zoo. They are so cute. Do you know when I was a little girl, my biggest dream is to be a Koala. The reason is that their life is so comfortable, just eating and sleeping, and they do not have to undertake difficulties from life. Oh, I recall that you mentioned a word “Opal” when I heard it at that time, I just considered it is the name of a place. Now, I understand it means the special Australian gem. Opal is very colorful, magical, and glorious. A piece of Opal can represent different color with light and view changing. My mother cannot help to buying one, a white gem with red striation. However, I am very confused with its price. So expensive! About AUD 8500. I tried to persuade my mother into giving up, but she still brought it for me as 20-year-old present. I felt a little distressed but happy.

I obtained a lot in this journey, especially i had chance to practice my English skills and made friends with you–my dear boyfriend and girlfriend. The most impressive day in Australia is to live in your home, eating, singing, and dancing, like a big family. I would like to send some beautiful pictures to you including not only your country’s scenery but also my hometown.

Hum…um… I thought over and decided I still need to tell you my name. My Chinese name is Zhao Yang. My English name is Evangeline (you can call me Evan).

There are some pictures I took in Australia and in my school. I would like to share with you in enclosure.

I am looking forward to your reply. Miss you!

Zhao Yang

Monday 7th August – Tuesday 8th August, 2017 – Chinese guests 1 night farmstay with Mr Tony & Mrs Sheelagh in Sydney farmstay.

Dear Eric and Janet,

I am writing to thank you for providing us a perfect farmstay experience. Now we are back to our home in China and we could not stop talking about that wonderful day in your farm. We love your lovely animals, your well-decorated house and your warm welcome. Thank you Eric, for showing us your awesome farm and animals. Thank you Janet, for providing us delicious food as well as taking care of my vegetarian mom. 

Wish you always keep healthy and happy.

Best regards,


Thursday 8th June – Friday 9th June, 2017 – Chinese guests 1 night farmstay with Mr Eric & Mrs Janet in Melbourne farmstay.

Dear Jess

I would just like to thank you for arranging such a brilliant farm stay for me near Terang. Daryl and Anne were wonderful hosts and it was lovely to meet Anne’s son Andrew too and also the shorthorn farmer Bill and his wife. Going around the sheep station with Daryl was really really interesting and it was so lovely to be part of the day to day running of the farm and learning a little about farming life in Australia. Anne cooked up some truly delicious meals throughout my stay. I didn’t just leave with wonderful memories but a few more kilos too!

So please please pass on these comments to Anne and Daryl who I really can’t praise highly enough for my wonderful weekend at Rockgrove.

Best wishes


Saturday 10th May – Monday 12th May, 2017 – Scottish guest 2 night farmstay with Mr Daryl & Mrs Anne in Melbourne farmstay.

To our host, Bob and Shirley,

We would like to express our deepest appreciation to them for taking such great care of us. We have truly enjoyed our farm stay experience and gain great insights into their daily activities. They have a clean and comfortable home which they graciously shared with us and they were very friendly and approachable and most importantly, they have made us feel so at home that my daughter now feel sad that we are leaving tomorrow. Thank you so much Bob and Shirley, we have definitely build friendship across distance.

Warmest Regards,

Shue, Shayenne and QB

Saturday 27th May – Monday 29th May, 2017 – Singaporean guests 2 night farmstay with Mr Bob & Mrs Shirley in Melbourne farmstay.

Dear Downunder Farmstays,

Wow, what can I say about our first experience with hosting Downunder Farmstays guests. A very well organised trip and personally for me and Andy, it was an excellent experience learning about our guests culture. We welcomed Sar, Honey and Bo Boy from Malaysia onto our hobby farm for one night and found the whole experience very enjoyable and rewarding. They called us Ma’am and Dad, when they signed our visitors book they were full of praise, regarding the food, the accommodation the whole experience and even invited us to stay with them in Kuala Lumpur 😊
Thank you for giving us this great opportunity.

Friday 5th May – Saturday 6th May, 2017 – Malaysian guests 1 night farmstay with Mr Andy & Mrs Debra in Perth farmstay.

Dear Brenda and Peter,

I’m Zha Xuemei, Sam’s mother, who visited your home on Jan 22nd. We’ve got back home for a few days and I’m writing now to thank you for your very kind entertainment.

Living in your lovely home for one day, it was one of the greatest experience to me, I wish we could have stayed for longer time. I’m so impressed with the kindness and hardworking of both of you. I’m very happy that through this opportunity I could understand deeper about Australia and its people and their lives. After I got back home, I’ve told many of my friends about you and your farm, and told them that hope I could be like Brenda when I get older. Yes, Brenda, you are my idol now and I’m your big fan!

Today is the 3rd day of the Chinese New Year, I wish a wonderful new year for you and your family, good luck for your animals and proper rain for your plants. Hope I’ll have another chance to visit you in Australia, or you could visit us in Shenzhen if you’ll travel in China.

The attached you could find some photos we taken in that day. Please also send our love to Snowy, Sam missed her very much.

Again, thank you guys so much and wish you a very happy new year!

Your sincerely,

Sunday 22nd January – Monday 23rd January, 2017 – 1 night farmstay with Mr Peter & Mrs Brenda in Melbourne farmstay.

Dear Derek & Phillippa,

Sorry for not being writing for so long, this is Felicia. My family had spent a day at your farm-stay near Christmas. We have come back to China now safe and sound. I was busy preparing for the end of semester exam in my school, so I could not write for a while. Sorry for that. Chinese New Year has just passed. My family enjoyed it. I hope you are having a good time in the past few days, and I wish you had a happy new year.

The experience at your farm was great, and I already told them to my friends. They are all amazed by how knowledgeable you are, and they’ve never thought about there are so much important things that one must know about farming in order to have good results. I was surprised myself when I wrote five whole pages on what I’ve done and learn in that single day. I have put my notes into computer documents so that I can keep them better 🙂 The Koala bears doll that Phillippa made were so cute, thanks for the sweet gift! Although it’s only a month passed, my family and I missed you and much. I hope I still have chance to visit you in the future. You are very welcome to stay with my family if you have chance to visit China.

Awen (my dad) said he has some photos to send to you, I guess they are pictures we took together. I will attach them to an email and sent them to you later.

How are you doing these days? Is everything fine? Hope to hear from you soon.

Best wishes!

Tuesday 20th December – Wednesday 21st December, 2016 – 1 night farmstay with Mr Derek & Mrs Phillippa in Melbourne farmstay.

Dear Bob and Shirley,

Thank you for your enthusiasm and hospitality. You made us feel warm and welcome in your home, you are such hard workers and we feel your optimism for life. When we sat down at the dinner table for supper, we look outside and see beautiful view and the beautiful sky, thank you for your supper.

Your farm let us feel so dreamy like a poem. We saw your happy lifestyle and we learnt a lot. We will cherish these beautiful memories in our hearts forever. A very, very big thanks for the way you treated us. You made our family holiday a very happy holiday in Australia. It has left us all with very lovely memories. We love your vintage car, love your pet, love your attitude for life and we love all the wood, trees, flowers and grass. We love you all. We wish you lots of hope and happiness forever. You are welcome in China anytime.

China – Tianjin Wang Gang family
Thursday 8th December – Friday 9th December, 2016 – 1 night farmstay with Mr Bob & Mrs Shirley in Melbourne farmstay.

Dear Bert,

How are you and your wife? I have come back to China for several days. I’m so appreciated for your warm reception when we was in your house. Living in farm, living in such a big and beautiful garden, living with local people together in Australia, it’s amazing, it’s very special and precious experience for me. Though it’s a short time, only less than one day, too short, I do have deep impression in my heart, in my mind. I’ll remember everything and everyplace and every moment when we were together in your house. I hope I could have chance to visit you again in the future.

Here are some pictures which we took in your farm in attachment. When I see these photos, it reminds me those happy and joyful moments……

Hope to keep in touch and welcome to China. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Best regards!

Sincerely yours,

Tuesday 6th December – Wednesday 7th December, 2016 – 1 night farmstay with Mr Bert & Mrs Denise in Melbourne farmstay.

Dear Cale,

I would like to compliment our Farm Host (Rachael & family).

Rachael & family had been very great host, we were very lucky to have them as our host family. We were served delicious home cooked lunch, tea break, dinner, dessert and breakfast. Rachael went the extra mile to stop by at a beautiful waterfall near her farm for our family to take pictures before reaching her farm the first day. She also drove us to see the wild animals and took walks in the “miracle forest”.

The cottage was simply beautifully decorated with fresh flowers, very clean and neat. The farm was planted with organic vegetables and colourful flowers were everywhere.

Our kids enjoyed playing with their 2 dogs and touching the horses, watering the plants, enjoying our lunch in the garden. It was a memorable and happy experience. The farm stay was really the highlight of our tour for our family.


Thursday 24th November – Friday 25th November, 2016 – 1 night farmstay with Mr Terry & Mrs Rachael in Melbourne farmstay.

Dear Cale,

We considered ourselves very lucky to have both Eric and Janet as our farmstay host. Eric is a humorous person who knows how to deal/communicate with my 2 children (age 13 & 16) and my parents (who hardly speaks english).

After we arrived at Eric’s farm, he showed us our accommodation for the night and give us sometime to settle down. The accommodation is clean, nice and cozy. When we were all ready, Eric brought us to the place to see and participate how he prepared food for this farm animals. He then brought us to different animals to feed them. It was an wonderful experience being so close with these animals and feed them. And Eric is always patiently explaining to us the fact about these animals.

In addition, Eric took the extra effort to drive us around in the evening to see wild kangaroos, we’re so amazed that there must hundreds of them. Both Eric & Janet really took care of us, they started the fire place as he knew we’re not accustomed to their “cold” weather (probably not cold for them, but it’s really cold for us). We’re very thankful, because we’ve never experienced fire in fireplace. I must not forget to mention, Janet is a great cook, we’ve really enjoyed all the meals she prepared.

In short, it was a fantastic farmstay experience with Eric & Janet. They treated their guest with great hospitality and sincerity.
I really wanted to thank them, our trip would not have been complete without them.

I must admit I’m not much of guided tour type of person. All my vacation trips are free & easy. However, this first guided trip experience has certainly changed my perception about guided tour. It was a wonderful and enjoyable experience. Thanks again for the people who made this happened, especially the team at Downunder Farmstays.

-Lau Peng Leng

Tuesday 22nd November – Wednesday 23rd November, 2016 – 1 night farmstay with Mr Eric and Mrs Janet in Melbourne farmstay.

Dear Cale,

I am really relieved to be able to find your website when my trip was almost ruined by the typhoon in HK.
I had to cancel my flight as well as part of the trip in a Friday evening and luckily you are willing to help us with such a high efficiency during the weekend which definitely ease our anxiety.

Therefore off we go on Monday to the Cooper Cottage owned by Mr Derek and Mrs Phillippa.
We did not expect much at the beginning because we didn’t have much info about the farm before we depart.

We met Mr Derek at the train station. He was a very knowledgeable gentleman with a sense of humour. He is as excited as us and couldn’t wait but took us to the sheep auction right away and we saw thousands of sheep which was truly amazing. Then we went to the tools shop with loads of farm tools and animal feed.
After that we reached the Cooper cottage and met Mrs Phillippa who are the kindest grandma i had ever met with excellent cooking and her menu never repeat during our stay. After lunch we started our farm activity. We went to feed the animals which was our first-time experience and we didn’t even know how to start with. Luckily Mr Derek taught us step-by-step and therefore we were able to do the tasks eventually. We also helped in the gardening and it was my first time to ride on the tractor. Mr Derek and Mrs Phillippa told us that the farm was built by them about 5 years ago and we were stunned how energetic they were. We just couldn’t imagine how a couple at their 70’s could handle such a huge project and did it in such a perfection. The garden was beautiful with a wide variety of flowers and the house was spotless and so neat.
We talked a lot with Mr Derek and Mrs Phillippa after dinner and they are full of surprises. Mrs Phillippa even made a cake for us.

On the next day, we fed the animals and how lucky that we saw the peacock opening her feathers. We also helped to build a new henhouse and cutting the nails of the goat. All experiences were brand new to us but we would never forget theses skills which Mr Derek had taught us.
Then Mr Derek drove us to the neighbourhood to see the windmills and the wild kangaroos. After dinner Mr Derek taught us so many things about animals and we learnt a lot from him. We then went out to the garden and we could see thousands of stars in the sky. We were really astounded by the scenery.

On the morning that we were going to leave, Mr Derek and Mrs Phillippa took us to the mountain lookout and also to a lake to find the black swans. I really missed them so much.
The experience was full of fun and surprises and i am sure the things i have learnt would benefit us all the time.
Thank you again and please also convey our gratitude to Mr Derek and Mrs Phillippa.

Best Regards,
Judy and Ming

Tuesday 25th October – Thursday 27th October, 2016 – 2 night farmstay with Mr Derek and Mrs Phillippa in Melbourne farmstay.

Dear Graham and Narelle,

I hope you are both well.
It’s been a long time since I saw you last.
I am sad that my homestay finished. Because of you, our farmstay was very wonderful.
Especially, the meals were really delicious. Also, I enjoyed taking care of chickens, horses and the other animals. I’ll never forget the experiences from our farmstay in Australia.
I want to meet you in the future. Thank you for making my stay so wonderful.


Sunday 16th October – Tuesday 18th October, 2016 – 2 night Japanese Student farmstay with Mr Graham and Mrs Narelle in Gold Coast farmstay.

Dear Lilian and Peter,

We would like to express our thanks to you for your warm hospitality during our stay.

It was a unique and unforgettable experience that my kids will treasure. We are grateful for your effort to make our stay a wonderful one. Lilian makes an effort to prepare meals that suits all of us. We all agree that we had the best meals in the farm stay throughout our entire trip in Melbourne. Peter shared with my kids lots of knowledge which are very educational.

It was the first time i see so many bright stars across the sky, really awesome and in the morning the air is so fresh, truly relaxing.

We regret it’s a short stay. Back in Singapore we are already sharing with friends our pleasant experience with farm stay which we missed very much. We hope to visit you again soon.

Best regards,

Echo, 18th November 2015, Melbourne Farm

Dear Derek & Phillippa,

I am Sheena who went to stayed in your cosy house on 8th September 2015 with my family. We wanted to thank you for all that you and Phillippa had done for us during our stay at your house. The journey to your house was so breathtaking and relaxing. The stories and life experience you had shared with us are priceless and we will always remember it.

Thank you for bringing us to the farm activities that were really fun and exciting. The animals were really cute and amazing. We get a chance to feed them and also driving on the big vehicle! The 2 poodles are also very cute and friendly! We really enjoyed the time there and at that moment I wished that time could just stopped for awhile. Time secretly slipped away while we were enjoying.

Phillippa’s cooking are really fantastic and all the meals she had prepared were sumptuous and we felt the warmth and were really honoured to be so well treated just like a family. The meals were very delicious and were actually better than other meals we had for the rest of our days in Melbourne. I still remember we were still mentioning to one another how we miss Phillippa’s cooking. 😀 haha!

Not to forget the koala that were handmade by Phillippa too. It was so special and cute. We love it very much. We also had a great time playing with the 2 poodles. In fact they were the most friendly dogs I had ever seen!

We also remember the stories that you had shared with us before bedtime and the meaningful quotes. Little things make big difference and also a great woman is the reason behind a good marriage. haha 🙂

The house, the rooms and beds were so comfortable. We also remember about the insulation that you had fixed on the walls to make the house warm or cool.

Was quite sad when we were about to leave in the morning that day. Goodbyes are always hard. 🙁 Nevertheless, we had a pleasant stay at your house and we sincerely want to express our gratitude and thank you for everything.

The stay definitely allow us to gain new and rich knowledge and a lifetime experience that will never ever be forgotten. We enjoy and we truly felt very happy! Everyone of us misses the stay over at your house very much.

With regards to the pictures taken, I had attached 3 pictures first. We still have not consolidate it together. Will send it again in another e-mail after putting it all together 🙂 We will also print out and mail the photos over although it might take time to reach your house.

Lastly, wish you and Phillippa stay healthy and well. Hope we can continue to keep in touch!

Thank You!!

Best Regards,
Sheena and on behalf of my family 🙂 (From Singapore), 8th September 2015, Melbourne Farm

Dear Susy & Trevor,
I warmly appreciate your hospitality. I share a wonderful day with you and your family. My mother Lily is very happy to learn how to knit a scarf and cook pumpkin. And she is fascinated by knitting a scarf. When we are at hotel , she is knitting. When we are on the airplane, she is knitting. Now I am writing to you to send some pictures to you.
I’m looking forward to seeing you soon.
Sincerely yours,
Julia, 6th July 2015, Gold Coast Farm

Dear Miss Susy and Mr Trevor

Thank me was slower.

We were able to safely back to school. Every day even after the return home is a daily busy in the classroom and school events of school.

By the way, for the first time in Australia for me was wonderful.

Student of a school trip also was a great success.

It even I thought thanks to the warm hospitality of the Australian people.

In particular, I would like to thank the people of the host Familiar of farm stay.

The students were all moved, has become a wonderful memories for students. Again I thank you.
It should be noted that the wine that I received was the best.

Wine of Australia delicious also was a new discovery.

Also I now want to go in the near future.
Please welcome a good Christmas and New Year.
Please tell regards to everyone of your family.

Sincerely  yours

Koichi, 2nd December 2014, Gold Coast Farm

Dear Bob and Shirley,

Thank you for your warm hospitality throughout our farmstay! Your smiles are so welcoming and your homecooked meals are really delicious. We enjoyed your presence very much and the tour around the farms and city were insightful and something we will never experience in Singapore. The life in countryside is simple yet fulfilling and allows me to stop down my pace and bask in what mother nature gives me. Thank you for making our farmstay a very memorable one and though we may not be outspoken, but we really appreciate your kindness, thoughtfulness and warm hospitality! We will miss you all clearly and may we meet again soon! Hope you will like the small gift we had prepared!

Hugs & Kisses

Chien & Mum, 24th August 2014, Melbourne Farm

Dear Greg & Jackie

We miss you very much. How have you been recently?

After returning to China, we are busy with Chinese year.  We have just celebrated the new year yesterday.

Australia is very beautiful. Your house too. I found a kangaroo in my dream.I feel very happy to be with you.

If you have the opportunity to come to China, be sure to come to me. and welcome to my home.

Nice to have met you!

I really do not want to leave you, because I love you.

I wish all the best.

Mick, 15th February 2014, Sydney Farm

Dear Downunder Farmstays,

It is my honour to meet Derek, he says he is going to teach us a lot. And we’ll never ever forget. Actually, it Is! We learn more than farm work. Also he teach us about some serious stuff. He told me an story, that a lowest worker of railway make an idea to carry more coal, and this make a lot of money. That’s how the lowest people of the society’s greatness. He let us know: never lower anyone. There are probably miracle inside their minds.

And, he is quite a wise man. He knows a lot. And he is really a careful man. I mean he mention the details of life. For example, do you know how cows get through the street? They don’t just walk through it. They don’t using trunk. But they go through it through a tunnel down the road. And he drive a long way to take us see the tunnel. And he knows that. We know what the others don’t know. And we will never ever forget.

He talked me about life. He say says :You should have your dream now. It’s time to decide which path you’re on in future. He encourages us. He told us: you should be proud of your self. Sometimes, he just says: Give me five! And we clap hands, it gives us confident.

Our tour guide, Mr Huang, he is a very brilliant, kind and patient tour guide. He’s with us during our farm stay. He was quite happy to be with us. We are close friends.

I really widen my knowledge  a lot during the farm stay. I drive trunks on the field, I feed cow some milk. I’ve take part in taking the water by box from the well of the government. It’s my first time to do these things.

It’s also the first time I had my original traditional western meal. It taste very good. We got ice-cream on cake. We watched the Melbourne Open, we all like Federer.

In one word, I was really feels like being a part of a western family.

Yours kindly,

Baoyi, 23rd January 2014, Melbourne Farm

Dear Vicki & Cale,

We would like to share a testimony of our experience of having stayed with Mr and Mrs Speter (Farm #7) from 14-16 October 2013. My husband, my 6-year old boy and I unanimously agree that this was the highlight of our holiday in Melbourne – we loved and enjoyed every moment at the farm.

Mr and Mrs Speter have been wonderful and thoughtful hosts, always making sure that we were relaxed and comfortable. Their home is beautiful, huge and welcoming, we loved the fact that we were given a lot of privacy. In fact, we were pleasantly surprised that we had a living room with TV and DVD player and private bathroom, all to ourselves. The herb and flower garden, with fresh scents of lavender and coriander, the vastness of the plains, the horses, sheep, alpacas, chickens, dog etc all made up unforgettable memories there. My husband still turns on the video-cam before bedtime to relive his memories, while I love to escape into the world of rolling hills and picturesque landscapes captured in my android phone on my daily commute to work in urbanised Singapore. My little boy kept talking about the two tabby cats and sheep dog, and I am sure he missed collecting eggs in the morning for breakfast!!

And of course, Mrs Speter’s cooking is very good. We loved the fresh vegetables from her garden (all without pesticides, yes!), yummy steak (yes, thanks for Mr Speter for his superb grilling technique), home-made soups and relaxing atmosphere in their beautiful and cosy dining room. The best part was when we had dinner together with our hosts, and since we were the only family they were hosting at that time, we were able to engage in interesting exchanges of what life is to an Australian family and a Singaporean family. We also enjoyed our brief visits to the Kilmore East and Kyneton towns, and of course, the Hanging Rock.

I have already talked to my friends and family members about our farmstay, in fact, we cannot stop talking about it. We would like to thank Mr and Mrs Speter for their warm hospitality.

Warm regards,

Toi Chi, Eugene and little Jayden, 28th October 2013, Melbourne Farm

Dear Peter & Lilian,

Have a good day ^_^
We are pleased to meet you. Although our stay was only short and for 1 night, it was great experience for us.
Lilian is good at cooking and Peter is really humorous. Melbourne is a nice place to live.
Thank you for showing us where you live. It’s like “heaven on earth”.
Thank you for your hospitality 🙂
Friends must part, but don’t worry, we will be friends forever.

The Gao family, 19th August 2013, Melbourne Farm

Dear Peter & Lilian,

First time to come here. Two things leave me with a deep impression.
The advanced equipment of education and the wonderful farm scenery.
(The farmer is most lovely!) the bad mood has gone away when I see the people and animal love.
We eat “yummy” food for dinner and play the game like a brainstorm. The atmosphere is fantastic.
The most moving thing is the true love between the couple. “Lend your hand, live with you together forever”.
The optimistic attitude encourages me. Hope you health and happiness. True love forever!! <3 <3

Stella, 16th August 2013, Melbourne Farm

Dear Peter and Lilian,

Thank you so much for the fantastic time we’ve shared together in a day. The meals and the activities we’ve shared was really great. We are really appreciative of the effort and time you’ve put in for us. We can never express how grateful we are to you for the knowledge and time.

So here’s a poem I decided to write:
The cheerful thee met us there,
led us to the charming farm,
chickens were fed after us,
chucks of delight filled the air.

Next came the exciting part,
The climb of the hero tower,
Whom saw the smokes before them,
Helped save the great lives of all.

Morning came the legend feast,
Meal of the final parting,
We will meet again, future,
Unshed tears of gratefulness.

Winds of joy,
Peace was nigh.

Thank you so much 🙂 Take care of yourself and until we meet again!

Daryl & Hong, 20th December 2012, Melbourne Farm

Dearest Peter & Lilian,

I would like to express my gratitude to you guys for being the best host ever! 🙂 You two are not only friends, you also put in extra effort to make sure us guests are well taken care of! You does not limit us to just purely “farmstay”, you guys also brought us over to where Peter work, to give us a chance to do what we thought is impossible! And of course, the scenery was awesome 🙂 You also allow us to experience real farm-life, which we get to do stuff like milking the goats! The food prepared are very well too! You guys even did something further, which is to bring us to spot and seek for kangaroos! Nothing can express our gratitude for you! And indeed like what the tour guide says: “Everyone feels that this short farmstay is awesome, enjoyable and unforgettable.”

Thank you so much and wishing you two good health. Love you!

Take care,
Chong family.

Mr. Chong, 19th December 2012, Melbourne Farm

Dear Judy,

We are Rick, Liz and Alice. We are back to Shanghai.

Thanks for taking care of us when we were in “Cloud End”. We really enjoyed the 2 days we stayed with you two. You are so kind. Cloud End is very beautiful. Rooms are comfortable, foods are delicious and all the animals are cute and friendly. We have never lived in a place like that.

Alice loved Joye and Sheely best. She keeps asking whether she can have a little dog here. You may not believe that before visiting Australia, she never dare to touch a dog. Liz loved pumpkins and pie most. She will try to make them.

We will keep the wonderful memory. If possbile, we will travel in Australia again. Or you can contact us if you have chance to visit Shanghai.

Wish you all the best.


Rick, Liz and Alice.

Lian, July 2012, Melbourne Farm

Dear Peter & Lilian,

How are you? Back home, I am hurrying to write this note of thanks.

Thank you very much for everything you did for me. I was really happy when I stayed at your home. I have wonderful memories of you and Australia now. My heart is full of you. When I think of you, I also think of the beautiful farm and warm house. I shall never forget that wonderful dinner which Lilian made. Roast beef, sweet potato soup and cake. Everything was delicious. I miss the dinners made by Lilian. and I miss both Peter & Lilian’s smile a lot. Also, I shall never forget very, very cute animals. For example: little baby goat, kangaroo, koala and Mory (the dog). I really enjoyed staying and touching many animals. Finally, thank you for helping me with my English too. This homestay was very good experience for me. Thank you again very, very much for everything you did for me.

Your daughter in Japan 🙂

P.s. I certainly enjoyed a very happy homestay and felt much better than in Japan. I want to go back to Australia to be your real daughter haha!

Yuka, December 2011, Melbourne Farm

Since our return, we’ve all been sharing with others the thrills we experienced in Australia, and I’m struck by how much of that consists of the days we spent at the farm.  Although I wasn’t sure what to expect from a farmstay, I have to say that I was quite blown away by the hospitality and generosity that each of you showed to us, which I’m sure is not typical of all farmstays. We really appreciate the way you opened up your home and your lives to us, enabling us to get a sense of the lives you lead on a daily basis.  We will carry many memories of our stay with you – the delicious, healthy and great servings of food; the natural beauty of your home and its surroundings; the endearing conduct of Flynn, the kittens, the alpacas and other animals; the conversations and experiences we shared.  I well remember the first time I helped set up a Christmas tree, and I’m sure Ghazal will have reason to recall the many firsts she experienced during this trip for many years to come.

Arun, December 2011

I’d like to thank you so much for the opportunity to host my four girls back in early December.  We all had such a good time.  We did heaps of stuff together and my daughter was thrilled to have them here.  They were such a pleasure to host – so warming and gracious and polite and everything nice.  I enjoyed showing them around all the touristy attractions and we visited a few farms.  A local dairy at milking time, the Buffalo farm at milking time, Nucifora Tea plantation when harvesting was on, and Mungalli Creek Dairy while they were making cheese (and we got to sample some cheese and yogurt).  I took them to my friend’s farm who has every farm animal imaginable but they had more fun playing around with his dog and cat.  We did jigsaws, origami, cooked home made pizzas on the chiminea, toasted marshmallows on the fire pit, fed the fish down at my creek, we spotted a platypus at one of the waterfalls, went to Ravenshoe Windmill farm, had a picnic up at the lookout, and lots of other fun stuff.  And they loved all my home cooked meals and were keen to give me a hand.

Looking back, I don’t know how we squeezed so much into the three days.  The whole experience was an absolute hoot and I soooh look forward to my next group. (Sandy – farm host, Dec 2011)

Sandy – Cairns Farm Host, December 2011

I am writing to tell you how very much I enjoyed the days at Australia Melbourne farmstays . Everything was just about perfect. You certainly know how to make us feel at home. Your delicious meals were a treat, and your flexibility in adapting to my irregular schedules made many things possible. I hope you and Marie know how I appreciate your hospitality, and your many kindnesses to us. I count myself fortunate indeed to have two such generous charming friends!

Weihong, May 2011, Melbourne Farmstay

My family members and I all had great experiment in your beautiful home and thank you so much! This was my first time to go aboard, of course, it was also my first time to live in a foreign home. What a fantistic experiment I had! I can’t forget the beautiful garden, large farm, warm house. I like George very much, she is so lovely and friendly. I can still remember the delicious dinner and breakfast, it is my  first time to have so traditional Western-style meal, I am so lucky about that and thank you so much! We went to the beautiful park, the Rocky park (I am not sure, maybe the name is wrong), we had a  great picnic, and we saw the kangaroos and koala! how lucky we were! Can you remember I called my mam lucky baby and we think you are the lucky baby,too!  Just one day,we became good friends, I was so unwilling to leave that I cried when we left your home. But I believe one day, you will come to  China, and you will come to my hometown, Xi’an. Whenever you come, we will be glad  to see you again, and my grandma will cook some traditional chinese food for you! So welcome to Xi’an!

Sherry, February 2011

I am Kohei’s father. Thank you for your kindness and hospitality. He came back today. He said a lot of fun; your animals, kangaroo tours, the vast land and sky, Mom made delicious meals, and more. I’m glad he made a lot of good experience. Thank you very much.

Hiroshi, February 2011


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