Raymond & Sue 레이먼드와 수

뉴사우스 웨일즈의 아름다운 지역에 자리잡고 있는 레이먼드와 수 (그리고 사람을 잘 따르는 농장 개)는 미소가 만면한 얼굴로 여러분을 환영할 것입니다. 염소나 닭, 오리 들에게 먹이 주는 것을 도우면서 하루를 채워보세요. 밭에서 신선한 채소를 수확하고 다양한 종류의 닭들이 나은 달걀을 모아 종류별로 나눠보세요. 레이몬드와 수가 그 달걀과 채소로 맛있는 가정식 식사를 만드는 것도 함께 해 보세요.

인원: 7
특별 요청 사항: 와이파이
농장 동물들: 양, 소, 말/ 조랑말, 돼지



Family Members: Raymond – Male, Sue – Female.
Town: Lakesland, NSW 2572 – 1 hour and 40 Minutes from Sydney.
Farm Type: Hobby farm with 2 goats, chickens, ducks, egg collecting and sorting for sale, 2 dogs (in & out), 1 cat (in & out), vegetable garden and fruit orchard. Access to nearby farms with chickens, sheep, pigs, cows and a horse.
Closest Train Station: Picton Station, Southern Highlands Line.
Farm Activities: Tour of farm, feed animals, collect fresh eggs/cook & eat for breakfast, farm chores such as cleaning chicken coop, changing ducks bath, fill up water troughs etc, nearby lookouts of the Blue Mountains, grooming of horses, tend to the vegetable garden & pick vegetables for dinner, collect wood for fire and wildlife spotting.
Acres: 8.
Internet: Free WiFi available (limited – please speak to hosts).
Bathrooms: 1 (Separate from hosts).
Cooling: Fans.
Room 1 – 1 x queen bed
Room 2 – 1 x queen bed
Room 3 – 2 x single beds
(Camper bed available for a child only)
Transfer maximum 6 guests.


Train/public transport – access to farms in the Southern Highland region via train is easy and affordable from Sydney. Catch the train from Sydney Central Station to the closest train station to the farm. On arrival, your farm host will meet you and provide a complimentary transfer. Train tickets are at your own expense.

Private car transfer – available upon request at an additional cost.

Self-drive – if you choose to self-drive, we will provide you with detailed instructions on how to get to your farm.