John & Lynette

인원: 6
특별 요청 사항: 에어컨, 욕실 수 2+
농장 동물들: 소, 돼지



*내용 중 일부는 구글번역기를 사용하여 자동번역 되었으며 그로인해 모순되는 부분이 있을 수 있음을 알려드립니다. 양해 말씀 드립니다.*

Family Members: John (Male), Lynette (Female).
Location: Rowsley, Victoria 3340. 1 hour from Melbourne.
Closest Train Station: Bacchus Marsh Station, Serviceton Line.
Farm Details: Hobby farm with pigs, 8 cows, chickens, 3 dogs (in & out), 2 cats (in & out), dam with yabbies, billiard table, table tennis table and access to nearby strawberry and apple farm.
Farm Activities: A tour of the farm, hand feed all animals, check to make sure the animals have enough water, collect fresh chicken eggs to have for breakfast, yabbying in the dam, visit the strawberry and apple farm (if time permits), go wildlife/kangaroo spotting, nature/bush walks, star gazing.
Acres: 40.
Internet: Not available.
Bathrooms: 2 (Separate from hosts).
Cooling: Air-conditioning + bedroom fan in room 1.
Room 1: 1 queen bed + 1 single bed.
Room 2: 1 queen bed.
Room 3: 1 queen bed.
Transfer maximum 4 guests.