Chris & Robyn 크리스와 로빈

퀸즐랜드 동남쪽에서 목축 농장을 운영하고 있는 로빈과 크리스는 여러분께 호주 농장 생활에 대한 통찰을 드릴 것입니다. 또한 그들의 멋진 챔피언쇼 말들을 만나보게 될 것이며 아름답고 푸르른 초록의 정원을 탐험하게 될 것입니다. 그 주변을 돌아다니고 있는 공작새들이 나타나는지 잘 살펴보세요. 집주인 로빈은 미술가이기도 하여 그녀의 많은 작품들이 전시 중이랍니다.

인원: 5
특별 요청 사항: 문의
농장 동물들: 양, 소, 말/ 조랑말



Family Members: Christopher – Male, Robyn – Female
Town: North MacLean, Queensland 4280 – 1 hour and 3 minutes from Gold Coast & 39 minutes from Brisbane.
Farm Type: Cattle breeding farm with horses, 1 dog (in & out), cattle, calves, peacocks, chickens, badminton court, wild birds, river walk and fishing when flow permits, access to neighbouring property with sheep & foals, access to snake and reptile demonstrations.
Farm Activities: Tour of the farm, feed all animals on the farm, collect fresh chicken eggs and cook/eat for breakfast, rug and groom horses, gardening, badminton, bush/river walk, fishing, wildlife spotting, local sightseeing.
Acres: 20
Bathrooms: 1 (Separate from hosts)
Cooling: Fans
Room 1 – 2 x single beds
Room 2 – 2 x single beds
(Spare single bed available for a child to make a triple room)
Transfer maximum 4 guests.


Bus/public transport – there is a public bus route from central Brisbane to Beaudesert (running from Monday to Friday). Your farm host will provide a complimentary transfer to and from the bus station in Beaudesert. Bus tickets are at your own expense.

Private car transfer – available upon request at an additional cost.

Self-drive – if you choose to self-drive, we will provide you with detailed instructions on how to get to your farm.