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Philip & Christine

A wonderful collection of farm animals, variety of birds and stunning views of the Australian bush and surrounding valley make a stay with Philip and Christine a truly memorable experience. Philip loves to share what life is like on the farm with his guests and Christine is famous for her delicious home cooked meals.

Capacity of Farm: 6
Special Farm Requirements: Air-conditioning, Number of bathrooms 2+
Farm Animals: Cattle, Pig

Paul & Kerrie

Family Members: Paul – Male, Kerrie – Female. Location: Chum Creek, Victoria 3777 – 1 hour and 9 minutes from Melbourne. Closest Train Station: Lilydale Station, Lilydale Line. Farm Details: Hobby farm w...
Capacity of Farm: 4
Special Farm Requirements: Air-conditioning, Wifi
Farm Animals: Alpaca, Horse/pony, Pig