Oliver and Irma

Oliver and Irma are lovely, friendly hosts who have a beautiful home and property. They are originally from Switzerland but have been living in Australia for the last 20+ years. They enjoy going for hikes/bush walks as they have the Goldfields track at the back of their property. Irma works at a chocolate factory making chocolate and can take guests to experience this.

Capacity of Farm: 4
Special Farm Requirements: Air-conditioning, Wifi
Farm Animals: Sheep, Alpaca, Horse/pony



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Family Members: Oliver (Male), Irma (Female).
Location: Castlemaine, VIC 3450. 1 hour and 30 minutes northwest of Melbourne.
Closest Train Station: Castlemaine Station, Bendigo Line.
Farm Details: Hobby farm with chickens, 1 dog (in & out), vegetable/herb garden, fruit trees, fire pit, access to an alpaca farm, hobby farm with sheep and a horse farm.
Farm Activities: A tour of the farm, hand feed the chickens, collect fresh chicken eggs to cook/eat for breakfast, visit neighours and friends farms to feed animals, pick some vegetables/herbs (seasonal), looking for kangaroos and wildlife spotting, bush walking/hikes (Goldfield tracks at the back of their property) and star gazing at night. Irma makes chocolate at a chocolate factory and can take guests to participate in this if they want to.
Acres: 1.
Internet: Free Wi-Fi available.
Bathrooms: 1 bathroom (Separate from host).
Heating and cooling: House has heating and cooling in all bedrooms.
Room 1: 1 queen bed.
Room 2: 2 single beds.
This host can transport 4 guests if picking up from Castlemaine Station.

Train/public transport – using the train to access farms in Victoria is convenient and affordable, with trains connecting each of the regions where our farms are located.

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