Ms Donna

Donna has a super peaceful and relaxing house/property where you will instantly feel tranquil. Donna's place is a great way to escape busy day to day life and enjoy the beautiful nature and wildlife in her local area.

Capacity of Farm: 18
Special Farm Requirements: Number of bathrooms 2+
Farm Animals: Cattle, Horse/pony



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Family Members: Donna (Female).
Location: Canungra, QLD 4275. 1 hour and 15 minutes south of Brisbane. 40 minutes west of Gold Coast.
Closest Bus Stop: Nerang Station, Gold Coast Line (30 minutes away from Donna’s home). It is best to self-drive or book private transfers.
Farm Details: Hobby farm with 1 dog (out), a lot of wildlife, fruit trees, herb & vegetable garden, campfire & access to neighbour’s farm with goats, chickens, cattle & horses.
Farm Activities: A tour of the farm, hand feed animals on neighbours farm, collecting fresh chicken eggs at neighbours farm, pick fresh fruit or vegetables or plant something (seasonal), go kangaroo/wildlife spotting and star gazing at night. There is a nearby dairy farm, alpaca farm and vineyard too if you have time to visit.
Acres: 12.
Internet: No Wi-Fi available so will need to use your own devices.
Bathrooms: 3 bathrooms (Separate from host).
Heating and cooling: Fans in all guest bedrooms.
Room 1: 2 single beds.
Room 2: 2 single beds.
Room 3: 1 king bed (or 2 single beds).
Room 4 (smaller bedroom): 2 single beds.
Room 5: 1 queen bed (or 2 single beds).
Room 6 (small bedroom): 1 queen bed (or 2 single beds).
Room 7: 1 queen bed (or 2 single beds).
Room 8: 2 single beds.
Mezzanine: 2 single beds.
This host can transport 6 guests if picking up from the train station.

Access Bus/public transport – there is a public bus route from Brisbane to Beaudesert (running from Monday to Friday) or you can get the train from Brisbane or Gold Coast on the Gold Coast Line. Your farm host will provide a complimentary transfer to and from the bus station in Beaudesert or the nearest train station to their farm. Bus and train tickets are at your own expense.

Private car transfer – available upon request at an additional cost.

Self-drive – if you choose to self-drive, we will provide you with detailed instructions on how to get to your farm.